Building Better Outcomes - Webinar

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We all care about the planet, but we also care about making smart financial decisions, and quite frankly, we have to work within budgets.

Acquiring key answers allowing us to build better outcomes is the trick. Regardless of whether your building project is in the private or public sector, the design process needs to get up to speed, or we'll continue to fail when it comes to designing buildings that get closer and closer to carbon neutral.

Every design team needs easier collaboration to update the Integrated Design Process. They need fast and easy iteration so they can illustrate good and bad design decisions, but this has to be combined with cost data so we can help our clients or final decision-makers see the energy AND cost savings together.

Combining these elements into a method that honestly works for the design team, the owners/decision-makers, occupants, and most importantly the environment, has been the problem we've been trying to solve for the last decade.

The good news is, technology is allowing us, together, to revolutionize the building industry.

In this free, 1-hour webinar, you'll learn how a fast, easy and collaborative software tool developed by PlanIT Impact can simplify the task of calculating and analyzing the impacts energy, water, stormwater and transportation have on building performance and efficiency.

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