Hazard Mitigation Planning Fundamentals

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Hazard mitigation planning is becoming increasingly important as extreme weather events continue to worsen. Every part of the world is susceptible to experiencing some type of natural or man-made hazard, so it is important to:

(1) enact preventative measures that reduce or eliminate risk from hazards and

(2) help communities recover more quickly post-disaster.

Instructor Kimberly Burton, who teaches this 4-hour on-demand course, is a professional engineer, certified planner with an advanced specialty in transportation planning, and LEED accredited professional in neighborhood development.

Hazard mitigation planning is something that affects everyone and at all levels of government, so having plans in place for your community and yourself personally is key to surviving a disaster. However, it is easy to ignore the possibility of a disaster in our hectic day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. So this training will help introduce professionals to the main concepts of hazard mitigation planning and connect them to the tools they can use to initiate effective planning in their communities.

The download includes the video recordings (MP4) and course handouts (PDF).

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