Agile and Sustainable City Planning - Webinar

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Sustainable City Network hosted this free 1-hour webinar in June 2018, featuring planners from the City of Madison, Wis., and the Sonoma County (Calif.) Transportation Authority, who discuss how new planning software solutions developed by UrbanFootprint are helping them better support their communities.
Cities are struggling with no shortage of challenges: climate change, resilience planning, transportation gridlock, pollution, lack of resources, affordability gaps, health risks, and social instability are just the beginning. While practitioners are stepping up to these challenges, planning technology has struggled to stay apace.

Cities produce so much data, yet harnessing that data to distill actionable insights to help their communities is a critical hurdle. Planning workflows are often cumbersome and inefficient, and planners are challenged with communicating complex outcomes in clear ways.

Join Ben Zellers, a planner with the City of Madison, and Chris Barney, a transportation planner from the Sonoma County Transportation Authority, in a conversation with Joe DiStefano, principal and co-founder of UrbanFootprint, to explore how new solutions enable cities to better support their communities. The presenters discuss how these two jurisdictions have adopted agile and sustainable planning technology that allows them to reduce the time needed to get projects completed and to produce higher performing plans.

The download includes the recorded webinar (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).

This free webinar is sponsored by UrbanFootprint.

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