Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 26

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Welcome to Sustainable City Network Magazine – the Best of! This quarterly magazine is a compilation of the most popular articles on our web site and in our email newsletter, the InBox, which is delivered to more than 40,000 leaders in government, education and healthcare across the U.S. and Canada. Sustainable City Network produces advertiser-supported, non-partisan articles, webinars, trade shows and white papers that provide local institutions with quality, organized and timely information about sustainability projects, plans and best practices. This magazine is another way we fulfill our mission.

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard series by showcasing the city of Anchorage, Alaska and its 2017 conversion of 4,000 streetlights from high pressure sodium (HPS) to light emitting diode (LED). Along with the lights, which are 50 percent more energy efficient than the older technology, Anchorage also invested in a wireless control network that allows for even more savings and many other benefits.

In our cover story, Gary Agron, division manager of engineering at Municipal Light & Power in Anchorage, will step you through the planning and implementation process and describe many of the benefits that go beyond savings in energy and maintenance, delving into the fascinating world of the “internet of things” (IoT). Agron will be joined by Mark Wilbur from GE Wireless Control Systems when we host a free 1-hour webinar on Jan. 25 to go into even more detail. Register or download the recording afterwards at

In other top stories: Two state economic development professionals share insight into “how to prevent and kill development, on purpose and by accident,” particularly in small, rural communities. As funny as that sounds, they point out some serious issues that cause some community leaders to be their own worst enemies. Also, on page 12, you’ll learn how the latest battery technology is impacting the electric power industry, and which states will be most affected.

Other articles in this issue focus on big changes at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the increase in the number of organic farms in three Midwestern states; the impact of pharmaceuticals and personal care products on aquatic life; how conservatives and liberals are working together in the Kansas City area; an expanded curbside recycling program in Chattanooga, Tenn.; and how to overcome the biggest challenges in the biogas market.
The articles in this magazine have been selected by our readers. We’ve packaged them together in this convenient magazine format, available as a digital download or in print at

We hope you find value inside.

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