LED Streetlights in Anchorage, Alaska - Webinar

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This free 1-hour webinar, recorded in January of 2018, features Gary Agron, division manager of engineering at Municipal Light & Power in Anchorage, Alaska. He provides an overview of the city's project to replace 4,000 streetlights with LED fixtures and solid-state controls. Agron is joined by Mark Wilbur of GE Wireless Control Systems, who addresses the technical aspects of the system.

While the return on investment comes mostly from savings in energy and maintenance, the presenters will also describe many of the less tangible benefits. For example, because the system can be monitored from mobile devices, crews in the field can respond rapidly to outages. And, because the brightness of each light can be controlled individually, operators have the unprecedented ability to turn the lights up or down in specific locations, depending on the situation.

The download includes a video recording (MP4) and slides (PDF).

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