Biogas 101: Back to Basics - Webinar

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If your organization has access to biogas from landfills, wastewater or industrial waste, you need to attend this free 1-hour webinar, sponsored by Unison Solutions.

"Biogas 101: Back to Basics" will explore in depth the basics of the biogas conditioning process, including the reasons for requiring a system, the traditional process flow, the reasons and process for gas testing, the various types of media in the marketplace, and several case studies that give real examples of sites.

This webinar features the Unison sales engineering staff, which has more than 86 years of combined experience in business, engineering, sales, and technical product management, plus more than 35 years combined experience specifically related to the biogas field. Unison Solutions started in 2000 and has been designing and manufacturing high quality biogas conditioning systems ever since.

This download includes the presentation slides (PDF) and a video recording of the live webinar (MP4).

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