Community Tree Canopy Programs Made Easy - Webinar

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Empowering citizens to acquire the right trees, and plant them in the right locations, can make an important contribution to a city’s sustainability goals, and the Arbor Day Foundation recently made it a lot easier for local governments and organizations to get a tree distribution program up and running.

By now, most people know the benefits of trees:

They can save energy by providing shade and wind breaks around buildings, they reduce soil erosion, mitigate stormwater, provide habitat for wildlife, cool and beautify neighborhoods, absorb carbon, clean the air and water, and raise property values.

At the same time, as every utility and street department knows, the wrong tree in the wrong place can be a headache, cost money and even endanger lives.

The answer: invest up-front to distribute trees and provide homeowners with tools for selecting, planting and nurturing the right trees in the right places.

The Arbor Day Foundation launched its Energy-Saving Trees program in 2011 and has since helped scores of partners in more than 35 states develop “community canopy” projects.

In this webinar, Kristen Bousquet, business development manager at the Arbor Day Foundation in Lincoln, Neb., demonstrates the software features of the program.

Ian Jurgensen, sustainability project manager for the city of Orlando, Fla., joines Bousquet for the presentation and outlines how his city uses Energy-Saving Trees to manage its urban tree canopy initiative, One Person, One Tree. That project is part of Mayor Buddy Dyer’s citywide sustainability program, Green Works Orlando.

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