Using Smart Network Technology to Improve Water System Performance - Webinar

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In this free one-hour webinar, recorded in July 2015, you'll learn how smart meters and networks can transform water distribution systems, saving water, reducing costs and improving predictive maintenance.

Ed Hackney of United Water/Suez shares results from the company's design, build and operate facilities around the world and describe how currently available and soon-to-be-released smart network technology is impacting the industry.

This presentation will be of interest to elected officials, public works directors, IT managers, water system operators, consultants and anyone responsible for water distribution systems.

Topics include:

- The value of smart meters
- Single- vs. multi-use networks
- How the data can be used to improve the function of a water system
- How they can improve and predict maintenance of a system
- Loss water improvements
- Customer service benefits
- Monetary saving potential
- Financing options
- Security and privacy concerns

The download includes the recorded webcast (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).

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