Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 16

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Sustainable City Network Magazine, Vol. 16, is a compilation of the most popular articles on in the second quarter of 2015. (PDF)

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard Series with a profile of Dubuque, Iowa. Branded as the Masterpiece on the Mississippi, Dubuque has not always been as vibrant and prosperous as it is today.  At the peak of the farm crisis, only a few decades ago, it had the highest unemployment rate in the nation and its riverfront was strewn with the rusted remnants of its industrial past. But, through collaboration, deliberate planning and a focus on sustainability, the small city rebounded with a diversified economy and a $500 million redevelopment of its riverfront.

In our cover story, you’ll meet Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol and other key officials, including Sustainable Community Coordinator Cori Burbach, who presented a free one-hour webinar in July 2015 (download the recording at

Learn about Dubuque's annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference at

In other top stories: Learn how the Tennessee Water and Wastewater Energy Efficiency Partnership, formed in 2011, is significantly reducing the energy costs of these critical municipal systems. Drinking water and wastewater treatment systems typically account for 30-40 percent of a city’s total energy demand. This unique partnership led by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the U.S. EPA is proving that low-cost changes to water and wastewater treatment plants can have big energy and cost savings.

Other articles in this issue focus on a unique energy-efficient student housing option at the University of California-Davis; embedding schools in neighborhoods; roof-top solar systems; invasive species; energy audits; and water recycling in California.

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