Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 14

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Sustainable City Network Magazine, Vol. 14, is a compilation of the most popular articles on in the fourth quarter of 2014. (PDF)

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard Series with a profile of Denver, Colorado, the Mile High City. Denver is literally a city on the move. Its multi-billion investment in rapid transit and transit-oriented development is transforming the city, and its strides in water and energy conservation make it one of the most sustainable cities in the West. As the 6th fastest growing cities in America with an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent, one of Denver’s top priorities is making sure affordable housing opportunities keep up with demand.

In our cover story, you’ll meet Denver’s Chief Sustainability Officer Jerry Tinianow, who will also be the lead speaker in our free one-hour webinar on Jan. 15 (sign up or download the recording at

In other top stories: Social equity is the third, and sometimes forgotten, leg of sustainability. A recent survey found only one in 10 local governments has addressed this concern with the same energy they devote to other sustainability challenges. Two articles in this issue provide guidance on this topic.

Other articles in this issue focus on reducing road salt on winter highways; taking advantage of USDA sustainability grants; using creative placemaking as an economic development engine; developing community solar projects that allow everyone to benefit from renewable energy; using local foods to attract “locavores;” and developing partnerships between municipal government and universities.

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