Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 13

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Sustainable City Network Magazine, Vol. 13, is a compilation of the most popular articles on in the third quarter of 2014. (PDF)

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard Series with a profile of Baltimore, Md., a progressive city that is taking climate change very seriously. After getting battered by the 7.5- foot storm surge of Hurricane Isabelle in 2003 and narrowly missing the brunt of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the city is taking decisive action to protect itself from future storms. (Computer models indicated a direct hit by Sandy would have pummeled Baltimore’s coastline with a 20-foot surge.)

In our cover story, you’ll meet Beth Strommen, Baltimore’s sustainability director, and key members of her staff as we showcase the many innovative strategies they’ve developed over the past six years in focus areas that include a climate action plan, disaster preparedness, urban agriculture, forest conservation, green infrastructure, local foods, green building and community outreach.

In other top stories: Pervious pavement - either concrete, asphalt or pavers – can turn a parking lot into a stormwater management system in no time. We’ll show you how to pick the right materials and explain how to apply and maintain it for years to come. On P. 11, learn about “parklets,” a new concept in urban street design that gives pedestrians a place to relax amid all the hustle and bustle of a busy downtown.

Other articles in this issue focus on financing green infrastructure; the growing popularity of roundabouts; the connection between urban sprawl and public health; the struggle to protect urban forests; how to encourage residential gardening; and the results of some recent research on Lyme disease that might help protect your community from this growing threat.

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