Design Guidelines for Transit Supportive Communities - Webinar

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To have access to effective public transit, every step of the user’s trip must be accessible, efficient, safe, and comfortable. The transit system must eliminate barriers – real or perceived – in order to make it a viable or preferred alternative. The goal of these Design Guidelines for Transit Supportive Communities is to foster reliable, efficient, convenient, and accessible transit, from the customer's front door to the bus.

This one-hour webinar features Bryce Word, special projects manager with Pace Suburban Bus Services, and Thomas Radak, senior project manager with Pace Strategic Services, along with a panel of Pace professionals who assist in the Q&A.

Pace is a suburban Chicago transit provider serving tens of thousands of daily riders with fixed bus routes, vanpools and Dial-a-Ride programs. Pace covers 3,500 square miles and is one of the largest bus services in North America. Its fresh approach to public transportation gives the agency a national reputation as an industry leader.

Its Transit Supportive Guidelines for the Chicagoland Region present principles and standards that may be implemented by municipalities, designers, engineers, and many others. Ultimately, it is Pace’s vision to provide a higher level of bus service to places that actively remove barriers to transit as a viable transportation choice.

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