Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 10

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Sustainable City Network Magazine, Vol. 10, is a compilation of the most popular articles on in the fourth quarter of 2013. (PDF)

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard Series by showcasing the City of Seattle. A progressive community with two decades of leadership in sustainability, Seattle has more at stake than many cities, as climate change and sea-level rise threaten its water, sewer and power infrastructure. The Seattle area gets 90 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric dams, which are primarily fueled by snowmelt from mountain glaciers that are gradually disappearing.

Learn how the city plans to become carbon neutral by the year 2050 through innovations in transportation, building energy, waste reduction and community design.

In other top stories: We follow up on the city of Bayonne, N.J., one year after it partnered with private companies to finance and operate its struggling water and sewer utilities. You’ll discover how city leaders, with plenty of help from financial and legal advisers, structured a deal that protects rate payers, ensures public ownership and oversight, and finances infrastructure upgrades, all while eliminating half the city’s debt in the process.

Other articles in this issue focus on local food, deconstruction, solar energy, bike- and car-sharing programs, water reuse, solid waste innovations and the latest research into what’s threatening water supplies in urban areas.

The articles in this magazine have been selected by our readers. We’ve packaged them together in this convenient magazine format. Don't forget, you can subscribe to Sustainable City Network Magazine in our content store at

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