Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 7

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Sustainable City Network Magazine, Vol. 7, is a compilation of the most popular articles on in the first quarter of 2013.

In this issue, we introduce our Leaderboard Series by showcasing the City of Las Vegas. Known as the “City of Lights,” the Las Vegas of today is a shining star when it comes to sustainability. From its new LEED-Silver city hall to its recent conversion of 42,000 streetlights to LED lamps, the city makes sustainability a top priority, and it shows. One of the most water-smart cities in the nation, Las Vegas has decreased its water consumption by 36 billion gallons per year, while adding nearly half a million people to its population.

In other top stories: If you haven’t had someone try to link your sustainability project to a United Nations plot to take over the world, consider yourself lucky! We talk to local government officials who explain the background of the “Agenda 21” conspiracy theory and offer advice on keeping the conversation focused on reality.

Other articles in this issue look at topics from placemaking to climate-change adaptation and dealing with housing problems when the fracking boom comes to town. Resilience is a continuing theme; we touch on aquaponic agriculture as a potential local food source; and we introduce you to Passive House, a simple form of green building that is sweeping Europe and gaining ground in the U.S.

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