How to Develop a Community Garden Program - Webinar Series

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This four-hour online course, recorded in December 2017 teaches organizers how to plan, develop and implement a successful community garden program in rural or urban settings.

Presented in 2-hour webinar sessions, this course covers how to establish, maintain and sustain a community garden program. In the first session, Alfred Hall, co-founder and executive director of Hamilton Urban Garden Systems (HUGS), a non-profit in Hamilton, Ohio, helps you communicate the benefits of community gardens and teach you how to organize the planning and management of a successful program, choose the right locations and prepare your garden sites, sustain and grow funding, promote and recruit gardeners and gradually increase your community's garden footprint.

During the second session, Eileen Horn, long-time sustainability coordinator for Douglas County, Kan., steps attendees through the policy side of setting up a program, including contracts, leases, codes, insurance, water access and other considerations.

Download includes two video files (MP4) and two handouts (PDF).

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