Creating a Sustainability Strategy for Your Organization - Webinar Series

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Sustainable City Network presented this webinar series in July 2017, intended for any personnel who are responsible for developing sustainability plans and strategies for a community, business or institution.
The 6-hour online course, Creating a Sustainability Strategy for Your Organization, focuses on the implementation and strategic thinking that is required to implement a sustainability plan. Too often, we write a plan and have the greatest intentions of implementing all of the metrics only to have these ideas fall flat because of politics, organizational culture, or lack of support from the top. This course will teach you how to incorporate storytelling and systems thinking into a strategic plan that gets your plan implemented and enables you to move the needle further and faster to create a more sustainable community.

Veteran instructor Antonia Graham has been energy & sustainability project manager for the city of Huntington Beach, Calif., since 2014. She also works with the business community to offer sustainable business workshops and a certification program. She has been a part-time instructor at Irvine Valley College since 2012, an instructor at California State University, Fullerton, since 2010 and is a former adjunct instructor at the University of California, Irvine. She has advanced degrees in public administration - finance and sustainability leadership.

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