Sustainability in the City of Nashville, Tenn. - Webinar

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This free 1-hour webinar, recorded Aug. 3, 2017, features Erin Hafkenschiel, director of transportation & sustainability in the mayor's office at the city of Nashville, who describes the city's sustainability initiatives, from its plans to reduce waste, increase its tree canopy and develop more green spaces, to its community solar project and food waste reduction program.

Hafkenschiel also describes Mayor Megan Barry’s new three-year transportation strategy, which includes an improved bus system, sidewalks, bikeways, car-sharing, synchronized traffic signals and a new light rail system, among other Nashville sustainability initiatives.

She is joined by Laurel Creech, assistant director of sustainability, Metro Nashville General Services; and Sharon Smith, special projects manager at Metro Nashville Public Works.

Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in America and hosts 13 million tourists per year. With the help of a vision defined by its Livable Nashville committee, the city plans to reduce its carbon emissions despite its explosive growth.

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