The End of Tree Plagues in an Age of Invasive Diseases - Webinar Series

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How do we blunt Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) losses, stop the next tree plague from devastating our communities, and create a better, stronger, resilient future forest?

Sustainable City Network recorded this 4-hour online course in June 2017.

The End of Tree Plagues is a workshop for civil engineers, landscape architects, architects, urban foresters, planners, or anyone responsible for the care of trees. It will provide professionals the tools to communicate and implement a staged Ash tree canopy removal and replacement with a resilient future forest for their community.

Since 1902, the United States has suffered through three catastrophic tree plagues. Chestnut Blight and Dutch Elm Disease led to the premature loss of hundreds of millions of our great American Chestnut and American Elm forests. About a decade ago in the Upper Midwest, Emerald Ash Borer hit our American Ash trees. Arborists and community foresters nationwide, are in full crisis mode to pro-actively manage EAB, for both canopy and budget impacts.

This online training is presented in two 2-hour sessions, totaling 4 hours of instruction. Download includes the session recordings (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).

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