Lean Thinking: Process Management Made Easy - Webinar Series

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Sustainable City Network and the Northwest Environmental Training Center have teamed up to offer this 6-hour online course on the Lean process improvement system.
This course, recorded in June 2017, will challenge your ideas about how you think about and evaluate the work you do.

Our Lean Master certified instructor, Brion Hurley will introduce the history of Lean concepts, derived from the Toyota Production System, and explain how and why they have come full-circle back to the United States.

Results of Lean initiatives have led to increased customer and stakeholder satisfaction, reduced costs, reduced risks, increased sales, and more flexible and agile organizations. Perhaps the largest benefit has been more engaged employees, where people enjoy the work they do.

Lean is not a new concept, as this approach has been used by many companies and organizations for the past three decades. However, most of the effort over that time has been done at large corporations, and only recently have they been adopted and embraced by smaller organizations and agencies. Examples of lean successes can be found within city and state agencies, utilities, nonprofits, law firms, military, public schools, startup companies, movie studios and even farming!

Consultant Brion Hurley will instruct the course. Hurley is a principal Lean consultant at Rockwell Collins in Wilsonville, Ore. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) from the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and Lean Master certified. He has a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, and a master’s degree in Quality Management and Productivity from the University of Iowa. He obtained a Certificate of Sustainability from the University of Iowa.

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