Automating the Business Case for Green Buildings - Webinar

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This webcast, recorded in April 2017, describes how to optimize the lifecycle financial, social, and environmental value of building less than half an hour, with Autocase for Buildings.

Prologis, the "world's biggest industrial property company," with 3,000 logistics and distribution facilities across 4,700 customers, shares how they design buildings that perform at the highest level using Autocase for automated TBL-CBA.

Triple Bottom Line-Cost Benefit Analysis (TBL-CBA) is an economic method that quantifies the financial, social, and environmental impacts of a given project or proposal, all in dollar terms. This makes it possible to justify a project uncontestably to key stakeholders whether they be investors, government officials, or the local community.

The download includes the recorded webinar (MP4) and the presentation slides (PDF).

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