Sustainable City Network Magazine Vol. 21

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Welcome to Sustainable City Network Magazine – the Best of! This quarterly magazine is a compilation of the most popular articles on our web site and in our email newsletter, the InBox, which is delivered to more than 40,000 leaders in government, education and healthcare across the U.S. and Canada. Sustainable City Network produces advertiser-supported, non-partisan articles, webinars, trade shows and white papers that provide local institutions with quality, organized and timely information about sustainability projects, plans and best practices. This magazine is another way we fulfill our mission.

In this issue, we continue our Leaderboard Series with a profile of Raleigh, N.C. You’ll learn how this state capital, county seat and college town is trying to grow smart as its booming economy attracts more than 60 new residents per day.

In our cover story, you’ll meet Sustainability Manager Megan Anderson, Energy Manager Suzanne Walker, Senior Stormwater Engineer Scott Bryant, and Assistant Public Utility Director T.J. Lynch, who will explain how city staff is working with elected officials and community groups to make the city more sustainable even as its population explodes. Anderson and her colleagues will also be featured in an upcoming free Sustainable City Network webinar (sign up for the live event or download the recording afterwards at

In other top stories: Trees are an integral and cherished feature of most American cities, and now they are under attach more than ever before. Tree pests, mostly imported from overseas in wooden shipping containers, are costing U.S. cities $2 billion per year. A new report by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies calls for more investment into preventative steps against this problem, which is widespread in all 50 states.

Other articles in this issue focus on soil erosion, small-town economic recovery, the Transportation Health Tool, wetland restoration, edible gardening, the Smart School Siting Tool, and large-scale composting, among other topics.

The articles in this magazine have been selected by our readers. We’ve packaged them together in this convenient magazine format, available as a digital download or in print at

We hope you find value inside.

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