New LEED Pilot Credit: How Economic Analysis is Making the Case for Sustainable Design - Webinar

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This webcast, recorded in January 2017, describes the new LEED Pilot Credit - Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis – and how Impact Infrastructure’s “Autocase for Buildings” simplifies the task of applying for the credit by auto-generating results for submission.

This new pilot credit requires calculating the triple bottom line (TBL) value of LEED credits, which can be a complicated process. Recommended by the USGBC, Impact Infrastructure's "Autocase for Buildings" uses triple bottom line cost benefit analysis (TBL-CBA) to simplify the task by automating the calculations required and auto-generating results for submission.

Using case studies, Ryan D. Meyers and Stéphane Larocque of Impact Infrastructure, describe:

• How to measure costs and benefits of LEED credits from the perspectives of building owners, tenants, society and the environment,

• How to increase a project team's chances of securing financing, ensuring a positive return on investment, and gaining support from the community, and

• How to assess the value of LEED credits to support more impactful designs.

The download includes the recorded webinar (MP4) and the presentation slides (PDF).

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