Image Matters: How to successfully manage your city's visual identity - Webinar

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This free 1-hour webinar explains how to establish and perpetuate a civic brand that attracts homebuyers and stimulates growth.

During the webinar we discuss:
- The sociology that drives the homebuyer experience;
- How your civic brand score and community image affect willingness to live in your community;
- The function of homebuilder directional signage and why it proliferates;
- An update and explanation of the 2015 SCOTUS ruling governing sign ordinances;
- An overview of uniform homebuilder sign programs and the associated benefits relative to the SCOTUS ruling;
- An illustration of the best community development initiatives for pro-growth cities.

Sponsored by National Sign Plazas, Inc., this webinar features NSP President Grant Hayzlett, who has worked on more than 100 civic projects and is dedicated to growing the inter-connectivity of branded wayfinding systems.

Package includes the video recording (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).

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