Using Urban Trees as Stormwater Management - Webinar Series

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Sustainable City Network hosted this 4-hour online course on Using Urban Trees for Stormwater Management in June 2016.

Stormwater professionals have been studying stormwater control measures for decades, and foresters have been studying and growing urban trees for centuries. But the practice of combining the two to use trees as a Stormwater Control Measure is in its infancy.

Instructor Peter MacDonagh is a forerunner in the use of trees for stormwater management and will present his ground-breaking work in policy development, research and techniques for maximizing tree stormwater benefits, including soil storage, interception, evapotranspiration, and water quality benefits.

New research developments will include recent results showing water quality benefits for urban tree/soil systems equal to and surpassing that of many traditional bioretention systems. This presentation will also highlight some of the most promising new developments, such as use of various soil amendments to enhance water quality performance, as well as design strategies to maximize stormwater volume and water quality benefits.

This online training is presented in two 2-hour sessions, totaling 4 hours of instruction. The download includes the session recordings (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).


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