How to Leverage a Sustainability Dashboard to Drive Action - Webinar

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Local communities are investing more resources in sustainability and climate efforts, spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing intricate plans that they release with tremendous fanfare. But then what? The stakes are high for these programs to show results and command ongoing investment.

With the interactive nature of today's media and the expectations of elected officials and constituents, it's not enough to simply share data on a webpage. This free, 1-hour webinar, recorded in June 2016, provides an overview of the process the City of Cleveland went through to develop their dashboard and the results to date and discusses opportunities to leverage a sustainability dashboard to not only meet accountability and transparency expectations, but to take it to the next level by actually engaging community members to take action and be part of the solution.

This webinar features Jenita McGowan, chief of sustainability for the City of Cleveland and Kim Lundgren, ENV SP, founder and CEO of Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc., who developed the first climate action plan in Massachusetts and one of the first municipal climate adaptation plans in the country. Kim has spent the last 15 years working with local governments around the country to design, secure funding for, and implement sustainability programs focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation.

As Chief of Sustainability, Jenita McGowan is responsible for advising the city on policies related to sustainability and the oversight of the Office of Sustainability; leading the coordination of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 to develop new strategies that allow Cleveland to use sustainability as an innovation engine for economic growth, and reducing the city’s ecological footprint with solutions that also save money.

The download includes the recorded webinar (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF). Sponsored by Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc.

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