Managing Remote Teams - Webinar

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Leading a team of employees in remote locations is a challenging but increasingly necessary reality for managers. Whether you are stepping into a management role for the first time or you are currently supervising remote staff, you will discover strategies to build rapport, set mutual expectations, communicate effectively, overcome conflict, get work done and your team on track. The trainer shares ideas she's successfully used for managing remote teams for over 30 years.

Instructor Lisa Gottschalk is an NICC Business and Community Solutions trainer and business leader with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, systems and services. She has a track-record of developing and executing strategies, building relationships, and streamlining business processes.

This three-hour webcast was recording in January 2016 and includes the video recording (MP4) and presentation slides (PDF).

The course outline is as follows:

Hour 1:

Understanding Remote Team Management

- managing remote employees

- inheriting a remote team

- making decisions about remote work

- working successfully as a remote manager

- communicating across devices, continents, and cultures

Hour 2:

Building Team Relationships

- getting to know your team

- learning how to communicate

- deciding what success looks like

- identifying expectations

- establishing team norms

- discovering remote employees' needs

- understanding habits

Hour 3:

Developing an Effective Management Style

- understanding your tendencies

- using your intuition

- identifying your team's potential

- managing some people in person and others remotely

- dealing with team conflict

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